This teacher plant has been accompanying and instructing South American civilization for nearly 3,000 years. During this time, it managed to receive many names from grateful students: giganton, el remedio, pachanoi, aguacolla, “cactus of the four winds” and even “wise grandfather”. Scientists call it Echinopsis pachanoi.

Acquaintance with Uachuma

This columnar cactus grows on the slopes of the Andes in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. It reaches 5-6 meters in height and shoots numerous shoots. Periodically, this giant is covered with fragrant white tubular flowers up to 23 cm long. In a word, nature did everything to make the students notice one of their main teachers.

The Quechua Indians gave it a telling name - Wachuma. For Waqcha means "in absence" and Uma means "head." This teacher plant does not speak to the brain, but to the heart. That is, "without a head" in this case means turning off rational thinking, which serves only as an obstacle to finding spiritual harmony.

The two equal names of Echinopsis pachanoi clearly demonstrate how closely traditional beliefs are intertwined with Christian customs in the culture of the Amazonian peoples.

What is this
We have collected the maximum information about "ayahuasca" so that you can fully familiarize yourself with this drink, both from the scientific and spiritual side.


The wisest grandfather
in the world

The name "San Pedro" given to this cactus by Europeans is also noteworthy. According to legend, once a Franciscan monk, whose name history has not preserved, ventured to try uachuma. The spirit of the plant-teacher appeared before him in the form of St. Peter and gave him many valuable revelations. The impressed monk named the ceremony after this apostle, San Pedro.

Active ingredients

San Pedro contains a whole group of active ingredients, including:
- Angalan;
- angalonidine;
- hordenine;
- tyramine;
- 3-methoxytyramine;
- 3,4-dimethoxyphenethylamine;
- 3,5-dimethoxy-4-hydroxy-B-phenethylamine;
- 3-4-dimethoxy-4-hydroxy-B-phenetidamine.

But the main active ingredient is, of course, mescaline. By the way, it is contained in many representatives of the genus Echinopsis. It is one of the most famous hallucinogens that provides vivid visions and other effects during the ceremony. Its action is similar to MDMA. But, of course, when it comes to shamanic rituals, it's not just about chemistry.

To feel the effect of mescaline, a dose of 100 mg is sufficient. But full-fledged communication with a mentor plant begins with 350 mg. By the way, the content of the active substance in the cactus sometimes varies greatly. For example, 50 grams of dried San Pedro may contain either 150 mg of mescaline or 1,150 mg. To avoid overdose, it is very important to choose an experienced shaman. They are called Huachumeros.


Uses are very
The ways of using it are very varied. Uachuma is eaten even raw, but only by those who are not afraid of the bitter taste. Some cut the cactus into pieces, dry it in the oven, and only then eat it. There are even recipes that involve boiling thin slices in water for several hours and mixing this drink with pineapple juice.

But the traditional shamanic recipe provides for the preparation of a special decoction for 12 hours. During the ceremony, the participant drinks a cup of drink. Depending on the susceptibility, the uachumeros are not limited to one serving and can give the ward three or even four to drink.

The decoction begins to act in 40 minutes. First of all, we are talking about a meditative state and immersion in your thoughts and emotions. Visual hallucinations are also very likely. Keep in mind that San Pedro acts in waves. At some moments, it may seem that the effect is on the decline, but then the decoction begins to act again, sometimes even stronger.

The trip lasts 6–8, and in some cases even 12 hours. The San Pedro effect peaks 2-4 hours after ingestion. This "maestro" is gentler than ayahuasca and even than the other famous cactus mentor - peyote. He opens his eyes, but does not stun. If, for example, ayahuasca is a high school teacher, then uachuma is a teacher of elementary grades.
Take this information seriously. Following these simple restrictions will make your participation in the I Cure Death program comfortable and completely safe.
As for the physical effects, the rare San Pedro ceremony is without nausea and vomiting. This is facilitated by the substances contained in the cactus, and even its specific taste. Quechua Indians consider vomiting an important attribute of physical cleansing, without which the spiritual is impossible.

How does San Pedro affect a person?

"Wise grandfather" opens the heart. He helps the student to get around the obstacles to true knowledge that his own ego has placed. Uachuma heals the soul and reveals to the mind the truth about the world around and about the person himself. It demonstrates how diverse life is and how the facets of reality interact with each other. But above all, uachuma teaches sincere love.

Thanks to San Pedro you will be able to:

Overcome phobias. Their causes are always hidden in the past. And Uachuma is a very talented regressologist. "Maestro" will take you back to the key events and demonstrate why you are overcome by fears and doubts, and then help you say goodbye to them once and for all.

Build relationships. With family, friends, colleagues - everyone who plays an important role in your life. San Pedro teaches not only to open your heart, but also to conquer others. Thanks to the understanding of human nature that this teacher plant gives, it will become very easy to win over others.

Get rid of diseases. San Pedro heals on both the physical and mental levels. Redirecting energy flows, he repairs everything that is broken. Uachuma teaches the body to mobilize all the forces to fight and cope with any ailments.

Find a calling. Bypassing the programs embedded in you, breaking the blocks and looking inside your present self - this is the only way to understand where your place is in this world and how you can express yourself. Only by finding harmony with your inner “I”, you can begin to live, and not exist.

Do not miss your chance!

A teacher who will treat you with understanding. Which will not put a deuce, but will patiently explain important material. Which will not load informational ballast, but will give a ticket to a happy life. Is this the kind of mentor you've always dreamed of? The bell has rung for a long time, and San Pedro is waiting for you at the lesson of love, sincerity and enlightenment.

The most unforgettable journey of your life into the depths of your subconscious

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