15 Rules of the American Academy of Hypnosis

This is the key to a healthy team, community and business as a whole. From the very beginning we pronounce the rules (they are in front of you), strictly adhere to them and demand the same from everyone who interacts with us. If you are not ready for this or do not agree with any of the points below, we are not on the way.

01. We are for maximum transparency

In everything, but especially in business. The American Academy of Hypnosis is built on the principle of winning without losers. Our students win by getting effective tools to earn money and help people. Our company wins by earning on training. All of humanity also wins, because thousands of our students heal hundreds of thousands of patients around the world.

02. We are for sustainability

To help people, you do not need to know everything in the world. You don't have to wait until the end of the program to earn $10,000 per month. Perfectionism and impostor syndrome rob a person of the most valuable thing - time. Our programs are not perfect, but they work. We encourage students to create a valuable and useful product as soon as possible, and after launch, bring it to perfection.

03. We are for speed

04. We do not guarantee results

This is not a disclaimer of responsibility for the quality of programs, but a statement that the result depends not only on the teacher, but also on the student. Even the most effective techniques are useless if they are not applied. We reserve the right to refuse to train a student (with a refund of the amount paid) if he himself is not interested in the result or is not sufficiently motivated.
It is impossible to turn a person into a successful healer earning $10,000 or more a month at the snap of a finger. But it is possible to direct it towards the achievement of this goal. We do not give fish, but a fishing rod. More precisely, proven methods and step-by-step instructions. The best and free advertisement of Human Evolution Foundation Inc. are successful graduates. And the main measure of success is earnings.

05. We are interested in the results of our students

Students, team members, contractors. As a matter of principle, we do not teach and do not cooperate with those who: intend to apply the acquired knowledge for destructive purposes; does not fulfill its obligations; deliberately allows manipulation; systematically behaves unethically towards us or their fellow students; involved in criminal schemes; requires too much attention (intrusive calls around the clock, spam in instant messengers).

06. We carefully select people

Viktor Alexeev has already become No. 1 in his niche, but this is no reason to rest on our laurels. Our company attracts people who are always hungry for more and are not afraid to conquer even seemingly too high peaks. Therefore, we do not miss any opportunity for growth and strive to be the best, help others become the best and work only with the best.

07. We welcome ambition

By gender, age, national, religious, racial and many other characteristics. People are not born equal, but everyone has a chance to find their calling and succeed. Our community does not argue about politics and does not show hostility or even wariness towards those who are different from the majority. Our company is one big family, and we do our best to keep it that way.

08. We are against discrimination

The cost of the program is also a pact of intent. If a person is serious, he will find money for education, which will change his life once and for all. This is not just a payment, but an investment. Which also pays off extremely quickly if you follow our instructions.

09. We don't trade

There is no perfect time and perfect level of knowledge to start your practice. There is always room to grow. Sages are distinguished precisely by the fact that they do not stop improving throughout their lives. Therefore, it is better to start, get feedback and eliminate your weaknesses, than to wait for the perfect set of circumstances to start.

10. We believe that action is better than inaction

And we analyze the situation in order to prevent this in the future. If a member of our team behaved incorrectly, we do not turn a blind eye to the problem, but do everything so that the student gets what is due to him, and even more.

11. We always correct our mistakes

Viktor Alexeev is not a classic coach whose only business is selling courses. Before launching Life Retreat, he became famous as the chief psychologist and hypnotherapist for celebrities and Hollywood stars. Managed various successful businesses and wrote 10 books. He is not only a theorist, but also a practitioner. All his methods and business models have been repeatedly tested on himself.

12. We only teach what we have tested ourselves.

People willingly pay those who help solve their problems and get rid of ailments. We teach not to create the appearance of vigorous activity, but to achieve results. Don't pretend to be a healer, but really be one. After all, for someone who benefits people, even $ 10,000 a month is not the limit. Our company works on the same principle: we are useful to our students and therefore our reputation is impeccable.

13. We are convinced that the main secret of success is to be useful

Healing can be not only a healing practice, but also a dangerous weapon. We condemn the use of this knowledge for any purpose except one - to help people.

14. We do not work with military or religious organizations

The unquestioning authority of Viktor Alexeev does not mean that he cannot be challenged. In the end, the student is bad who does not dream of surpassing the master. Earn even more! Be even more helpful! Dare!

15. We are not a sect


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