I Cure Death

We have prepared an interesting
 and rich program for you.


11 days / 10 nights
The retreat will be held for those who are eager to get acquainted with the healing power of Amazonian shamanism and experience the power of natural natural medicine. You will be able to look behind the veil that limits your perception and see the World and Your life as real. Traditions that have been kept for thousands of years in the Amazon jungle will be available to you. Questions and problems that bother you will appear in a broader perspective and everyone will get their own answer and a unique experience of Ayahuasca.

You do not need to build expectations and think about how and what will happen. You only need the intention and remember about those issues that you would like to solve for yourself.

Everything else will be done by us, hereditary Shamans of Ecuador and Ayahuasca.

The retreat will take place near the city of Puyo in the very Amazon Jungle. We will get there by bus. The city of Puyo is located at an altitude of 953 m above sea level, on the Puyo River, 155 km from the country's capital, the city of Quito. The road is very beautiful, where you can take beautiful photos and videos everywhere.

If you suddenly decide to arrive later or earlier, you will need to contact us so that we can help you with the transfer.

After passing the mushroom ceremonies, you will be able to be initiated into real healers in the VIP training, where Victor Alexeev, together with shamans, will conduct an ancient shamanic ritual
Meet in Quito
Departure from your city to Ecuador, Quito. Visa is not needed. You need to get a COVID-19 test 72 hours before arriving in Ecuador//We go to Puyo by bus. A very beautiful road in the Amazon jungle will take about 6 hours.
We go to the jungle to the Quechua Indians
Meeting and acquaintance with Shamans. Light meals and accommodation at the retreat camp. Amenities will be minimal and basic. You can enjoy the rest from city life, bustle. You will have a great opportunity to be alone with yourself and the nature of the Amazon Jungle.
Ayahuasca Ceremonies
The hereditary Shaman will conduct the ceremony according to all the rules and customs. The procedure is completely safe and tested. It takes place in three stages over several days with further full integration of experience.


The book you are holding in your hands is one of a kind. This is the most comprehensive guide to Amazonian shamanism. If ayahuasca is the key to answering any question, then my book is the key to ayahuasca itself. From it you will learn:
- what is vegetalism, ayahuasca, San Pedro and teacher plants;
- what incredible opportunities are fraught with shamanic practices;
- how to physically and mentally prepare for your first ceremony;
- what to expect from the ritual and how to get the most out of it;
- how to integrate the gained experience and achieve the set goals.
Book format: ebook in pdf
Price: 10$
ATTENTION: The book you purchased after payment will be guaranteed to be sent to your Email within 24 hours during business hours from 8.00 to 21.00 Moscow time. An email with a book can end up in Spam, so check all sections of your email, including Spam, Newsletters, Social Media, Promotions, etc. All questions regarding payment or receipt of the purchased book, please send only to email
Certain dietary restrictions must be observed during your participation in an Ayahuasca ceremony and while taking prescribed dietary plants, as well as certain restrictions regarding social behavior and personal relationships.

The consumption of red meat, salt, dairy, citrus, acidic, sugar, sweeteners and other foods can not only interfere with and delay the healing of the patient, but in many cases can lead to undesirable consequences. For this reason, in this medical tradition, the discipline of restriction and diet is of vital importance.

It is recommended to eat salads seasoned with oil, potatoes, cereals without milk, vegan soups. You can eat chicken, cereals, rice, buckwheat, couscous. It is best to drink herbs instead of tea, such as linden flowers, wormwood, oregano, chamomile, thyme, eucalyptus. The best fruits are apples and bananas.

Being alone and abstaining from sex is also important during the retreat and ceremonies.

Be sure to click on the button below and read the details of the diet.
Experience mushroom ceremony without integration does not make any sense. Therefore, the integration will be carried out for you personally by the most experienced mentor - Victor Alexeev

General dietary recommendations and restrictions


Checklist for the I Cure Death Program

Documentation.Passport (valid for at least 6 months). Visa/s (if necessary), including flights on the route.

Rainforest clothing. For mosquito protection, especially from November to March, wear long sleeves, T-shirts and pants made of light breathable fabric. Mosquitoes can bite into tight-fitting clothing, so it's best to have a light, baggy top layer. Shorts or skirts are good for the hot part of the day when insects aren't as active, or during the colder months of April to September.

Shoes. Wear waterproof and comfortable shoes that completely cover your feet (for example, regular sneakers). For hiking in the jungle, you will be given rubber boots. You need to bring long socks with you. Although it is likely that most of the time you will prefer flip flops or sandals. Please bring long lightweight socks to wear during the ceremony.

Rain protection. A light waterproof jacket or rain poncho is required.

Mosquito repellant. We recommend bringing a good quality mosquito repellent cream or spray as these are not easy to find in Quito. Picaridin-based repellants are less toxic but generally more effective than DEET. You can also bring a natural blend of essential oils such as tea tree, citronella, geranium, etc. Take them in sufficient volume to apply both on the skin and on outer clothing. Avoid permethrin, which is highly toxic.
We have collected the maximum information about "ayahuasca" so that you can fully familiarize yourself with this drink, both from the scientific and spiritual side.
Treatment for mosquito bites. We recommend peppermint essential oil as the best natural remedy for mosquito bites. A sharper, pungent-smelling oil is more effective than a gentle, lighter one.

Small flashlight. Preferably with different power settings and a red color mode, so you can use softer settings for moving around during the ceremony and stronger settings when walking outside at night.

Small quick dry towel. there are towels in the center, but it's worth having an extra one.

Toiletries and other personal hygiene items:
Soap, shampoo and conditioner - preferably natural.
Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.
Earplugs and eye mask.
Sunglasses are better than cheap ones.
Water bottle.
Adapter from 220v to 110v.

DO NOT bring a laptop or other electronic equipment with you, we recommend taking only a phone.

What not to take with you: Makeup. Jewelry. Alpha hydroxy skin products (mosquitoes love them). Very valuable things.

Especially valuable things that you will be sorry to lose.
This is REAL Jungle!!! leave all valuables at home.
To get to Ecuador (the capital of Quito), due to restrictions imposed in a number of countries for citizens of the Russian Federation (and CIS), the route may look like this:

From Moscow (Kyiv, Minsk) to Istanbul (Türkiye).
From Istanbul to Europe transit airport (Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam).
From Europe to Quito. This segment of the route can also be divided into two - with a landing in Mexico or Panama.

A ticket from Istanbul to Quito should be "single", that is, Istanbul - Madrid - Quito - preferably with one airline, and not two separate Istanbul - Madrid and Madrid - Quito.

Before booking tickets, please contact us for the latest information and confirmation of availability for the selected dates.

For citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova, 90 days of visa-free stay in Ecuador are provided. You only need a valid passport (at least 6 months before graduation)!

On that website you can find out if you need a transit visa for the countries where you will be transferring.
To get the maximum effect from participating in I Cure Death with Viktor Alxseev, you need to properly prepare. We have prepared detailed instructions for you.

Route to Ecuador during the period of flight restrictions

In Ecuador, the official currency is the US dollar, so exchange and take the required amount with you. And since we are going to the jungle and there are no ATMs, then take care of the exchanged dollar bills up to $20, otherwise you will not be given change.

And also in Quito Airport you can buy a local SIM card for your phone for $25 for 10Gb, this should be enough for the duration of the retreat.


Take with you exchanged small bills up to $20 US dollars
Ecuador is located in hot climatic zones - equatorial (north of the country) and subequatorial (south). July temperature - +25 °C; January temperature - +24 °C. There is no temperature amplitude, one season of the year.

Average monthly temperatures in Quito (at an altitude of 2800 m) are +13 °C. In the south from +23 to +27 °C.

So a couple of T-shirts and a light windbreaker will be enough for you.


In Ecuador you will be
very comfortable
You will have the opportunity to capture your trip with CANON equipment, on which we will take high-quality pictures that you can use for yourself and your business.
Throughout the program there will be video and photo shooting

Restrictions during the
quarantine period

Passengers on international flights must present a negative RT-PCR test result before boarding in Ecuador. You must test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours (3 days) prior to departure.

During the period of restrictions due to COVID-19, in order to enter Ecuador, you must:
Passengers must have a medical certificate with a negative RT-PCR (COVID-19) test result, or an antigen test result, or a medical certificate of an epidemiological statement valid for no more than 3 days.
"Medical Electronic Sworn Statement and Commitment to Isolate or Quarantine Traveler", which can be found on the website of the National Office for Migration: 3 days before departure.
The two previous documents must be carried with you at all times, as they may also be requested at check-in for domestic flights.
Passengers on connecting flights must wear a face shield and face shield at all times.
Failure to comply with the requirements regarding the use of a mask or instructions given by airlines, airports or others may result in a canceled boarding or may result in a passenger being denied boarding in Ecuador.
Uachuma OR
The Uachuma ceremony is one of the ways to know oneself through sincerity, unconditional love for oneself, through acceptance and understanding of oneself and the world that a person creates

The most unforgettable journey of your life into the depths of your subconsciousя

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