A psychedelic trip is just the beginning of a comprehensive work on oneself

Some of the long-term effects of ayahuasca and San Pedro appear on their own. Many people, for example, find that after the ceremony they got rid of tobacco, alcohol and even drug addiction. Almost everyone gains a deeper understanding of the world and of themselves. The condition of patients with treatment-resistant depression improves significantly, and this is confirmed even by official science. But in order to fully unlock the potential of teacher plants, a lot of effort will have to be made.

Here are just a few of the long-term effects of psychedelic drugs:
getting rid of psychological trauma, information viruses and attitudes that prevent harmony and success in various areas of activity;
understanding how life actually works, what is its meaning, and, as a result, the ability to correctly prioritize;
reconciliation with the past by re-experiencing exciting life episodes during the trip;
establishing relationships with relatives and friends, friends, acquaintances and colleagues, a significant reduction in the number of conflicts;
healing from depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).
What is this
We have collected the maximum information about "ayahuasca" so that you can fully familiarize yourself with this drink, both from the scientific and spiritual side.
The psychedelic trip contains insights (insights) that need to be comprehended and independently implemented in life. Ayahuasca and San Pedro won't do it for you. Repeated ceremonies will not help either: this is not the case when quantity turns into quality. If you begin to ignore the integration of the experience gained, psychedelics will turn from a powerful means of true self-development into a mystical attraction for you. Spectacular and fascinating, but practically useless.
Integration is a comprehension of the experiences received in a psychedelic trip, their interpretation, and then changing one's own life for the better. From this definition it follows that integration must begin after the ceremony. This is not entirely true. Its extremely important stage is the formation of the right mood even before the ceremony. According to the Leary model, the saturation of psychedelic experiences depends not only on the drug (drug), but also on the environment (setting) and the emotional, psychological, and even mental state of the person (mindset).

For those who open their minds and hearts to new experiences, get rid of skepticism and concentrate on their inner feelings, ayahuasca and San Pedro give better, more constructive insights. In addition, the correct set significantly reduces the likelihood of a bad trip.


Have you noticed how our brain represses memories of dreams? At the moment of awakening, a person could describe in detail what he dreamed of. But literally a couple of moments pass - and this information escapes. The same thing happens with the psychedelic experience. If you do not intentionally try to keep the memory of mystical experiences, many constructive insights will be forgotten and there will be nothing to integrate.
The Uachuma ceremony is one of the ways to know oneself through sincerity, unconditional love for oneself, through acceptance and understanding of oneself and the world that a person creates


Learning to understand the meaning of the messages and implement them in life
Here are the basic techniques for remembering a trip:

Repetition. At the end of the ceremony, when the effect of ayahuasca or San Pedro begins to wane, you will find yourself in a borderline state. The trip is running out, you are gradually returning to the material world, but this process is not over yet. At such moments, it is extremely important to "scroll" the memories of the trip over and over again by an effort of will. This is a way to move them to another level of awareness, where the preemptive mechanisms of the brain are no longer so active.

Verbalization. Speak what you see and feel during the ceremony. This technique is based on the same principle as repetition. The brain will repress memories of the trip, but you will remember much of what you said out loud. And if your listener is an experienced researcher or integrator, he will direct your story in the right direction and help you focus on important details.

Egoism. When the ceremony is over, many attendees are quick to discuss their experiences with colleagues. Avoid such conversations. Concentrate on remembering and understanding only your experiences. Don't let them mix.


Spirit plant teachers do not give clear recommendations. Their messages are allegorical. Your task is to unravel the images, symbols, allegories and references. Preferably after consulting with a shaman and more experienced colleagues. Sometimes one ceremony is not enough, and you have to form an appropriate set in order to get a clue to the previous one in the next trip. The ability to understand your experiences comes with experience.

If, according to your interpretation, ayahuasca or San Pedro prompts radical decisions, do not make them immediately. Sometimes time opens up new layers of interpretations. Interpretation can take from a week to several months.


Psychedelics should be a way for you not to escape reality to another world, but to change your reality for the better. Otherwise, the trips will turn into just outlandish entertainment. This is the problem with many ayahuasca and San Pedro adepts. They fly at the "watch psychedelic cartoon" ceremony, but don't interpret the insights. And if they come to some conclusions, then they lack the strength, patience and determination to introduce the messages of plant teachers into their own lives. Don't repeat their mistakes!


Highlighting the True Goals of Psychedelic Ceremonies
Transcendent experiences are valuable in themselves, because they allow you to look behind the scenes of the universe. But without competent integration, much knowledge will almost certainly turn into many sorrows. The lessons of plant teachers should not be ignored. They need to be learned. That is, to carry out a complex transformation of the personality in accordance with correctly interpreted messages.

These messages are always aimed at healing from mental ailments, gaining well-being and achieving success. Their interpretation with subsequent implementation is true self-development. It doesn't come easy. Ayahuasca and San Pedro do nothing for you. They only point direction and give advice. Perhaps the most valuable advice in your life. Learn to understand them - and you will succeed in everything you wish.

A few more recommendations

Don't try to cover everything at once. Decide on key tasks. Healing from mental ailments, getting rid of addiction, knowing the true structure of the world, harmonizing relationships, achieving financial success - in each of these cases, form the appropriate mindset before the ceremony. It has been proven that the set affects the theme and quality of insights.
After passing the Ayahuasca ceremonies, you will be able to be initiated into real healers in the VIP training, where Pavel Dmitriev, together with shamans, will conduct an ancient shamanic ritual
Don't try to cope on your own. If this is your first ceremony, you just need an integration specialist. He will teach you to read the signs, with the help of which teacher plants convey their advice to a person. It will help you not to break firewood in your own life, but to get the maximum benefit from the psychedelic experience.

Don't try to do everything quickly. Integration takes time, space and does not tolerate fuss. So avoid psychedelic weekend tours. A quality retreat takes at least a week, and another week is needed to smoothly return to normal life and begin the transformation.

Don't try to keep everything in your head. Keep a diary where you will write down the content of the trips, your impressions, as well as interpretations of insights and plans for their implementation. It does not have to be paper, notes on a smartphone are also suitable. The main thing is the methodicalness with which you go to your goal. And that goal is to become the best version of yourself.

The most unforgettable journey of your life into the depths of your subconscious

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